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Holistic Health & Wellness

Jo Browne
About Jo

Jo Browne

BSc Hons Herbal Medicine and BSc Health Science & Complementary Therapies

Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant, Practitioner, Educator & Co-Founder of Tonic
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Jo offers a bespoke and integrated approach to holistic health and wellness, using a range of holistic therapies to help adults and children recover and heal from ill-health and/or periods of stress and trauma.


Medical Herbalism & Aromatherapy 




Massage & Bodyworks 




Yoga & Meditation

Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner

About Jo

Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant, Practitioner, Educator & Co-Founder of Tonic

Jo has 25 years of experience working in wellness encompassing private practice, senior management, training and consultancy in Europe and Asia. 


Jo completed a diploma in Holistic therapies in 1995 and quickly established herself in private practice in west London, where her knowledge and experience secured her features in several publications, a sky documentary and on the radio.  Keen to learn more in 2000 she completed a BSc Health Science & Complementary Therapies at the University of Westminster specialising in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and bodyworks.  In addition to her academic studies, she embraced and learned more about healing and energy studying with a healer for several years, this aspect plays a significant role in her practice and teachings.


Jo left London in 2001 spending the next four years living and working in Southeast Asia working as a spa consultant and was responsible for the opening of a network of spas in a luxury hotel chain, developing holistic approachable treatments for both eastern and western guests. This afforded her the opportunity to further her exploration as a healer and educating herself within Eastern philosophies and ancient Asian healing practices with an emphasis on meditation.  She travelled to India, Burma, and Thailand to explore these further.


Another consolidating experience was when Jo became a mother in 2006 in Paris.  This allowed her the stillness to work as a private consultant in Paris and Amsterdam whilst utilising her unique eastern experiences.  Returning to London her vocation had not changed from the beginning, she knew she wanted to be able to offer people an alternative way of living, coping, mending and relaxing and in 2010 Tonic was born. Tonic offers a team of bespoke and nurturing multi-disciplinary complementary therapists who practice a range of holistic therapies.  Jo provides personalised treatments programs that integrate medical herbalism, aromatherapy, massage & body works, nutrition and healing for adults and children.  


In 2014 Jo completed a BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine and is currently studying advanced yoga teacher training, she feels her education and experience is constantly evolving.  Currently, she divides her time between consultancy and private practice.


Jo is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalist (NIMH), Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT), Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) and Alumni member of the University of Westminster.






Spa & wellness  business planning


Operations management & standard operating procedure (SOP's)


Manning & recruitment



Bespoke spa & wellness offerings, menus, treatments, rituals, journeys, retreats & experiences
Natural body care, health / herbal products
Holistic therapies/treatment training for spa therapist
SOP's training
Workplace wellness



I have been a client of Jo for over 8 years and she is my go-to person for a holistic approach to a longstanding migraine problem. She is an oasis of calm in a sea of busyness with wise words of comfort and practical support as well as providing the most amazing massages and herbal remedies. When you see Jo you arrive in rather shattered pieces and she puts you back together again. You depart safe in the knowledge you can keep going and if you apply some simple tools you will hold onto some of the marvellous restoration work her treatment has provided to your mind and body.

-  Sue Medder, Chambers Director, XXIV Old Buildings,  Lincoln's Inn,  London


Contact Info


079255 15120


Tonic  282 Rosendale rd, London SE24 9DL

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